The Bruck Parties

N/A • 13 Jan 2008 • EDITORIAL

Every 12 to 24 months, we host a destination party for 100+ guests in a far flung location somewhere on the globe. Typically the location is one that you might not have yet explored but is still reasonable with respect to budget and convenience. Each trip culminates in a grand black tie party, typically set in a suitably unique and beautiful setting (e.g. the Preah Khan temple in Angkor Wat). Drinks, dinners, a treasure hunt, and myriad local excursions are arranged for the days before. Each event is a truly unique and amazing experience. There is plenty evidence in the friendships, acquaintances, and even relationships that spring from the event. And then there are the photos (and videos).


I have co-hosted three of these parties so far. Not surprisingly, the majority of my contribution comes in the form of technology. Most notable is the web site for each event which serves as the primary means of getting the word out a year or so in advance. And then there are the photographs that I collect from everyone, editing, cleaning and finally publishing them online. Even more important than getting the word out in advance is preserving the memories and making them available for everyone to see. Thus, I want to highlight them here. Starting with the most recent event first, here are the websites and photo collections for the last 3 events:



The White Nights Ball • St. Petersburg, Russia • May 2007



The End of the Monsoon Party • Angkor Wat, Cambodia • November 2005 (photos)



Desert Oasis Summer Party • Marrakech, Morocco • August 2004



Please note the domains for these sites have expired and are in the process of being renewed but if you follow the links above, you will be able to access the sites in the meantime.         Share on Facebook