Toby's Big Desk Move

Los Angeles • 12 Jul 2007 • EDITORIAL

A few months ago, Toby Northcote-Smith took a highly valued chair from my office without asking. He made no effort to return it. A while later, I decided to "borrow" some his beloved paper frogs as insurance. I finally got the chair back but only after sending him photographic evidence of his frogs being subject to staplers and paper clips. Toby then publicly accused me of "frognapping" in front of the entire office. In response, I littered a moderate quantity of peanut shells all over Toby's desk.

From there, it got more even more involved. I arrived one morning several weeks ago to find my office covered in styrofoam peanuts, the kind typically used for shipping. My desk was completely covered. I opened the drawers of my desk and found even more peanuts. It took me over an hour to clean it all up!

The latest in the escalating inter-office war took place last night and it was my time to get back for the styrofoam peanuts. It was time to move Toby's desk along with his Milton Waddams / Office Space inspired red stapler to a more meaningful place. This is how it all went down:

Before the move:
Toby's big messy desk in the PMO Room on July 11, 2007 at about 8pm...

After the move:
The same space in the PMO Room at 9pm the same day... so where did Toby's desk go?

Here's a clue!

We (I) secretly moved Toby's desk in the middle of the night to the basement! Room 915B.

The memo left on Toby's desk informed him that Walt Disney Facilities has moved his desk to the basement and that he could find all of the contents of his desk there.

Extra care was taken to make sure that the ordered chaos of items on Toby's desk wasn't disturbed. This is his desk BEFORE it was moved to the basement.

And here is his desk AFTER he was moved to the basement. Looks pretty similar!

Even his desk drawers were lovingly preserved! Here are his desk drawers before they were moved.

Here are the his desk drawers after they were moved to the basement.         Share on Facebook